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Cystadleuaeth John Williams Competition Report
Ar ddydd Sadwrn 23 o Ebrill oedd y gystadleuaeth i fod i gael ei chynnal ac wrth gwrs roedd hen wynt cryf o’r gogledd ddwyrain wedi bod yn bygwth chwythu yn gry ers dyddiau, felly doedd dim amdani ond cyrraedd yn fuan gyda Rhys Edwards i wneud asesiad risg. Aeth Rhys allan a phan ddaeth nôl oredd yn glir nad oedd digon o ddŵr cysgodol i bysgota ac yn fwy roedd yn sialens dod nôl am yr harbwr ... felly er yr heulwen braf bu rhaid canslo, ac aildrefnu ar gyfer y dydd Sadwrn canlynol gyda gobaith mawr o ragolygon delfrydol i bysgota.
Daeth o’r diwedd y diwrnod mawr am y gystadleuaeth gyntaf y tymor a daeth criw da o 11 at ei gilydd i fynd allan – 9 oedolyn a 2 o’r Adran Iau.
Aeth saith cwch allan roedd y gwynt bron drwy’r wythnos yn chwythu o’r gogledd ddwyrain ond yn oriau mân y bore fe drodd i chwythu o’r de orllewin ac debyg bod hyn wedi gnweud yr amgylchiadau pysgota yn fwy heriol. Fel arall roedd cymylau uchel a gwynt cymhedrol yn rhoi amodau da i rai pysgota yn dda iawn.
Heb os nac oni bai dalwyd y rhan fwyaf ar leins suddo yn hytrach na rhai nes i’r wyneb gydag amrywiaeth o dablyrs, mwdlars a phluen mursen (damselfly) yn dod â physgod i’r rhwyd. Braf oedd gweld pawb yn mwynhau ac wrth droi am yr harbwr roedd y chwilfrydedd i weld yn lygaid pawb.
Elfed Jones a gipiodd yn haeddiannol y wobr gyntaf gyda 6 physodyn seithliw hyrfyd ac yn pwyso 11pwys ar ei ben; ac un ohonynt hefyd yn cipio’r pysgodyn trymaf oedd yn 2 bwys a 11owns – arbennig Elfed! Yn ail daeth Rhys Edwards gyda 4 pysgodyn - 2 frown a 2 seithliw yn pwyso 4pwys a 11owns. Yn drydedd Einir Thomas gyda 3 physgodyn – 1 brown, 1 glas ac 1 seithliw yn pwyso 3lb 8oz. Yn yr Adran Iau fe gipiodd Pryderi Hedd y bag trymaf o 2 bwys 2owns gyda 2 bysgodyn – 1 brown ac 1 seithliw, a hefyd y pysgodyn tryma gyda brown o 1 pwys a 4 owns. Llongyfarchiadau mawr i’r enillwyr ond hefyd llongyfarchiadau i bawb a gymerodd rhan a diolch i chi am ddod, ac edrychwn ymlaen i chi gweld yn y Gystadleuaeth Flynyddol ar ddydd Sadwrn 14 o Fai 4.30-9,30pm.

On Saturday 23 April the competition was due to take place and of course a strong northeast wind had been threatening to spoil the competition all week, so the only solution was to arrive early and meet with Rhys Edwards to do a risk assessment. Rhys went out and when it came to clear that the amount of sheltered area was sparce and it was a challenge to come back into the harbour ... so despite the fine sunshine it was necessary to cancel, and reschedule for the following Saturday with great prospect of ideal fishing conditions.
The day came for the first competition of the season and a good number of members - 11 got together - 9 adults and 2 from the Junior Section.
Seven boats went out. The wind blowing from the north east was all week but in the early hours of the morning it turned to blow from the south west and this probably made the fishing conditions more challenging. Otherwise high clouds and moderate winds gave some very good fishing conditions.
Undoubtedly most fish were caught on sinking lines rather than on floating lines with a variety of dabblers, muddlers and damselfly bringing fish to the net. It was good to see everyone enjoying themselves and when we returned to the harbour the curiosity was in everyone's eyes who had the biggest fish and what was the average bag.
Elfed Jones deservedly won the first prize with 6 excellent rainbows and weighing 11 pounds; one of which also won the heaviest fish weighing 2 lbs and 11oz – fantastic Elfed! Second came Rhys Edwards with 4 fish - 2 browns and 2 rainbows weighing 4lbs and 11oz. Third Einir Thomas with 3 fish - 1 brown, 1 blue and 1 rainbow weighing 3lb 8oz. In the Junior Section Pryderi Hedd caught the heaviest bag - 2lb 2oz with 2 fish - 1 brown and 1 rainbow, and also the heaviest fish a 1lb and 4oz brown. Congratulations to the winners but also congratulations to all who participated and thank you for coming, and we look forward to seeing you at the Annual Competition on Saturday 14th May 4.30-9.30pm.
Elfed Jones with his bag of 6 rainbows
Elfed Jones and Pryderi Hedd (Junior Section) – both taking 1st place with the heaviest bag and also scooping Heaviest Fish.

A day on Llyn Cefni

The day was bright with reasonable cloud cover and a fairly stiff wind which seemed to increase as the day progressed. With the permission of caretaker Tudor, we were allowed to park our vehicle at the water’s edge whilst we tackled up . This was a great help as we had been away for some days and things were getting a bit chaotic in the luggage department!

We both put up two rods ready for a quick change to a dry outfit, should there be a hatch. After some advice from Tudor as to flies to use, we were off. The electric outboard taking us across the lake to the first dam between the two parts of the lake. The wind was blowing in an easterly direction, so we set the drogue over the side and we were fishing! Despite the drag of the drogue we were soon at the far end without a pull. We were moving too quickly. A change of tactics was needed. Back to the dam where we had seen some fish moving in calm water in the lee of the dam. We had no anchor so had to resort to using the drogue as a type of anchor and keep returning to the shelter of the dam.

The first fish came to a buzzer imitation within five minutes of starting to fish. Of course it went to my fishing pal! I changed my fly to a bloodworm imitation and was soon rewarded with a take. So the day progressed with fish coming to us alternately with the only problem being having to stop fishing, to move the boat back to the lee of the dam.

On two occasions we both had fish on at the same time, which proved a bit ‘hairy’ as they fought well over their weight and the danger of a knitting session loomed on a number of occasions. Most were rainbows but a few turned out to be ‘Blues’ with startling colouring.

We finished the day with 13 fish caught between us – all returned. We did not find any ‘Brownies’ but that was probably because our movements were restricted by the wind. Wildlife was everywhere, a buzzard even gave us a fly past at  2-3 feet above the water! The lowest I’ve seen this bird except at take-off. Perhaps it was the family of ducklings that were the temptation!

After such a good day, we’ll be back. The price of a day ticket is, in my opinion, low enough to tempt us despite the journey from Southern England.

Peter Langton


Video of a fishing session at Cefni

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Prior to each season a group of members meet at the fishing hut beside the lake and have a fly tying session and general natter. This is purely a social get-together to swap patterns, stories and also to aid any newcomers willing to learn how to tie flies. For more details please have a look at the association's facebook group page.


Every month usually Sunday mornings and throughout winter a group of volunteers tackle various maintenance jobs around the lake. Path cutting, weed clearing, signage erection etc all are welcome and it's a great social event giving back to the club.


Numerous club competitions are held throughout the fishing season with prize money and trophies available for winners. both junior and adults welcome. Together with  heaviest fish of the season, heaviest Brown and Rainbow and other local fishery visits for inter club competitions for variety.